Yuji group to mulan enclosure group tourism

2021-11-21 17:48

To enrich the amateur life of the employees, increase the opportunities for communication and enhance the team’s cohesion, on August 20, 2016, Yuji Technology organized a three-day tour to the Mulan Paddock.

On the early morning of August 20, Yuji employees traveled to Mulan Paddock by bus. We had lots of fun and laugh during the way.After arriving in the afternoon in the county of the paddock, the first day of the journey officially began. Under the guidance of the tour guides, everyone entered Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area and Saihanba National Forest Park, visited the attractions of Wucao Lake, Moon Lake, and Qixing Lake, immersed in the beautiful scenery of wild plants and wild flowers. For the dinner, there appeared the most beautiful thing – grilled whole sheep.

On August 21, the second day of the trip, everyone took a Jeep for an in-depth tour of the grasslands. We did not only saw the nature, but also enjoy ther a short re fun of playing in nature.

In August 22, after a short rest, everyone reluctantly embarked on the journey home.

Because of this trip, the distance between the two people was shortened and the mutual feelings were enhanced. This trip left a very deep impression on everyone in the team. It allows everyone to experience the feelings and emotions outside of work, experience a good team spirit. After this rare collective trip, the employees of all departments were in the high mood. Everyone had expressed that they will devote more energy and enthusiasm to their work in the future, and continue to contribute to the further of Yuji.

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