Quanzhou Yuji held a special emergency drill for HF leakage

2023-11-20 09:40

In order to further enhance the emergency response and collaborative combat capabilities of hazardous chemical accidents, and improve the speed and coordination level of emergency response, On November 2nd, Quanzhou Yuji Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. held a special emergency drill for HF leakage in the company’s HF horizontal tank area in collaboration with the petrochemical park fire brigade.



This practical exercise simulated the scenario of HF leakage. After HF leakage occurred, the HF gas detector alarm was triggered. Upon receiving the alarm, the central control room notified the external operators to confirm on site, and then reported level by level. The company’s emergency plan, level III response, was initiated to begin emergency actions.

With the joint efforts of emergency personnel and the park fire brigade, the leakage was successfully controlled. This drill resulted in timely, effective coordination, and appropriate handling of the police, achieving the expected results.

Through this practical exercise, the cooperation mechanism between the company and the park fire brigade was effectively tested, the coordination and linkage between the organization and personnel were improved, and the safety awareness and skills of all staff were enhanced.

Building on this exercise, Quanzhou Yuji will further strengthen the construction of comprehensive emergency rescue capabilities, improve enterprise safety risk management, scientifically respond to production safety accidents, and continuously consolidate and improve the emergency work mechanism of unified leadership, graded responsibility, and quick response.