Quanzhou Yuji promotes the construction of Quality Management System

2023-12-04 10:45

(Quanzhou, Fujian, China November 30, 2023)Quanzhou Yuji has promoted the construction of its quality management system, marking the largest and most extensive transformation since the company’s establishment.

The main focus of our Quality Management System is on meeting customer needs. Our company’s system strictly follows the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and spans across 10 company departments.

With the collaboration and joint effort of all employees, partners, and suppliers, Yuji has successfully completed the first-stage audit of the system certification and will achieve full system certification by the end of this year.

We will take the construction of this quality management system as an opportunity to continuously improve the company’s quality management level, create value for customers in cooperation, and work together for the sustainable development of society.

An external Auditor is conducting on-site audits at Quanzhou Yuji


Framework for Quality Management

Since its establishment, Quanzhou Yuji has always regarded quality as the lifeline for the survival and development of the enterprise, and considered quality construction as a pivotal strategy for the company’s development. The concept of quality management has reached a consensus among the company’s board of directors and management, and is advancing according to established goals.

To ensure full control over quality governance, Yuji has established a Quality Management Team to create a framework for activities in which the safety and trust of customers are the top priorities.


Guidelines and Policies for Quality Management


the execution process, we developed the Quanzhou Yuji Quality Manual as a guiding document and action guide for the company’s quality management construction. The manual specified clear responsibilities and tasks for each department within the company.

Moreover, aligning with the company’s development philosophy, Quanzhou Yuji has devised the subsequent quality policy for all departments to follow:


Quality is the cornerstone for business survival.

Provide premium quality for customers; achieve quality with customers.

Put the customer first.

Adhere to scientific management and regulatory compliance. Do things right in one go.

Involve everyone in system establishment and keep evolving.

Committed to providing unparalleled product and service for customers; devoted to creating and delivering value through cooperation.


Centered Around Customer Needs


In order to establish a rapid response mechanism for customer needs, Yuji has held multiple rounds of discussions involving senior management and cross-departmental collaboration, with the aim of reorganizing and transforming existing work mechanisms and processes towards a more market-oriented approach.

Our company drives the improvement and transformation of the company’s entire chain, including research and development, supply chain, production, administration, finance and so on, based on customer needs.

Yuji attaches great importance to employee training, and the Quality Management Department takes the lead in providing systematic and professional training on quality management construction.